Brian ball


I grew up at the Jersey Shore among many great musicians and would sneak into band practice sessions to listen and learn, beginning at age 6.  My older brother and sister had a huge influence as they performed together and in several other bands across New Jersey and the United States.   I started Piano lessons at age 8 and never looked back.  I took advantage of every opportunity to play music and sing through lessons, practicing, creating bands, playing solos, school band and chorus, and singing/playing piano/playing trumpet in the Church choir.  Practicing until you have your performance precisely where you want it and arriving at an event excited to show off your latest songs or lead part is a true labor of love.   Getting on stage and performing well for a group of people is the most enjoyable experience I can think of.  I have performed Classic Rock, Contemporary Rock, and Jazz professionally since age 16 and paid my way through college playing professionally.   I am a member of Crew Magoo Band fulfilling my need to use this musical gift and craft to perform great songs and give people an awesome experience…   one great event at a time!

Allan Ball


Yes… Brian is my younger brother… But although I just happen to be the good looking brother… he is the super talented brother…a fair trade off!  Music and performing runs through every member of our family. I took up playing bass guitar years ago with lifelong friends back in the 60’s in a group called The Ravyns.  Stopped playing due to my career as an educator.  After a number of years of retirement my brother and I formed the Crew Magoo Band with Mike Fren, our drummer. Due to COVID,  we spent a year and a half honing our music and vocals to a point where we feel we can provide exceptional music for any place or occasion. We strive for diversity in music, playing songs from the Stones to the Eagles to Motown to Brad Paisley to ZZ Top.  We work hard at having fun…laughs and making music that would make my grandmother and her great grand children want to get up and dance!  Give us a listen!

Mike Mirabella


I’ve been playing Guitar for as long as I remember, learning from the many great players from 1960’s to now.  Love working with a group like Crew Magoo Band who are willing to play many types of music including classic rock we all love and enjoy performing.

Mike Fren


At 14, I received my first drum kit. It was a pretty well used and abused Ludwig Jazz Kit, but to me, it was the start of my musical pilgrimage. Self-taught, my very early influences came from listening to my father’s older LPs.  He loved the big bands sounds of the 40’s, so naturally Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich started it all for me. Later came the likes of John Bonham, Steve Gadd, but especially Russ Kunkel, who was a session drummer for over forty artists.

Vocal lessons at age twenty and special thanks to my teacher (RIP), a retired Canadian opera singer, who chose me out of twenty auditioning applicants for her last available spot.  I remember her telling me “ Mike, I like your voice but you will never be an opera singer”. I was ok with that. 

Fast Forward…Several bands, married, and three beautiful daughters later, here I am playing with three other Magoo’s and loving every minute of it!

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